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We have 8 bulls at the farm for sale.  The photos represent some of them.  They are 13 and 14 months old.  Their yearling weights range from 1230 pounds to 1470 pounds.  Some of the sires are:  Sensation, Epic, Renown.  The breeding soundness exams will be completed on March 18.                  Also, we have 6 bulls at the MSU Bull Test.  They will be sold on March 21 at the Bull Test in Crystal, MI.  In the sale order, our bulls will be sold 3rd (1st angus bull), 16 (has a ribeye of 19.4″), 19 ,20, 24, 33.  You can view their videos at

2020 Calves

About half of the calves have been born.  We have many possibilities for bull test candidates. They seem to be growing quickly.

Great Lakes Angus Sale

Dawson Farms has consigned 2 heifers to the Great Lakes Angus Sale in Shipshewanna, Indiana on October, 26, 2019.

F459 (reg. # 19197960) was serviced to Flat Top (reg. # 18094501) .  She is due 1-14-20.

F448 (reg. # 19196274) was also AI’d to Flat Top. She is due 1-10-20.

The heifers can be viewed at the farm prior to the sale. Call and come for a visit.  517-524-8941 farm

MCA/MSU Bull Evaluation

Lot 34 is the second to sell in the auction on March 16.  He is a Discovery son. His actual birth weight was 78 pounds, and at the off test weighing, in February, he weighed 1395 pounds.  His average daily gain, while on test, was 4 pounds per day.  His DOB was 1/24/18.  Also, we have bulls 8,9,10,13,17 and 38 in the sale order (out of 65 bulls making the sale).  For more information call us 517-524-8941 or visit

2 Year Old Bull

We have one 2017 bull for sale, in addition to the yearling bulls.  If you need a more mature bull, you may want to look at this guy.

2018 Bulls

Our yearling bulls will be ready for service soon.

Calves are coming!

Our first baby arrived January 6.  We now have 19 more calves.  We are thankful for the calf warmer.


It’s cold when your black angus are white tipped.  And, it is supposed to get colder– brrrr!

Cows Are Back

The cows are now on the west side of the road.  We will sort out the ones who are due to calve in the next 2 weeks.  Calving will begin very soon.

2018 Bulls and Heifers

The 2018 bulls and heifers are in their winter pens.  They are growing nicely.  They will stay in these pens for about 16 to 20 weeks.  The bulls will be tested and ready for service in about April.  The heifers will join into the breeding program.

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